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Wednesday, March 6 @7pm

Bellevue Rink1

2024 GNASH All Star Rosters

Players in Bold are designated Starters

Team # First Name Last Name Year Position
Rutherford Co Rampage 8 Carson Brownlow Sr D
Montgomery Bell Academy 5 Michael Dattilo Jr D
Mt Juliet/Wilson Central/Green Hill 56 Tyler Dubois Sr D
Mt Juliet/Wilson Central/Green Hill 4 Ryan Woods Sr D
Page-Summit 77 Zach Ellis Jr D
Pope Prep/MLK/GCA 24 Nick Gentile Sr D
Montgomery Bell Academy 17 Abe Lasher Fr F
Hendersonville/Beech/Gallatin 23 Gideon Drobnick So D
Brentwood 21  Aidan   Pustizzi  Sr F
Mt Juliet/Wilson Central/Green Hill 58 Carson Slocum Jr F
Pope Prep/MLK/GCA 4 Jack  Davis Sr F
Rutherford Co Rampage 83 Justin Dickinson Sr F
Page-Summit 7 James Gilmartin Sr F
Montgomery Bell Academy 11 Lee Guy Sr F
Pope Prep/MLK/GCA 16 Erik Kihlberg Sr F
Montgomery Bell Academy 15 Matthew Moore So F
Station Camp-Liberty Creek 6 Joseph Siciliano Jr F
Pope Prep/MLK/GCA 19 Jacob Sullivan Sr F
Rutherford Co Rampage 35 Alec Dawes So G
Pope Prep/MLK/GCA 30 Anthony Pellegrino So G
Montgomery Bell Academy 1 Hunter Wieck Jr G
Team # First Name Last Name Year Position
Franklin 41 Gavin Akers Sr D
Ravenwood 2 Owen  Appel Jr D
Father Ryan 57 Jacob Boron Sr D
Nolensville/Ensworth/Lipscomb 12 Hudson Honeybone So D
USN/BA/NCS 24 Nick Venable Sr D
Nolensville/Ensworth/Lipscomb 8 JT Borland So D
USN/BA/NCS 7 Ryan Barrett Sr F
Franklin 92 Maclane Butters Sr F
Father Ryan 7 Austin Hester Sr F
Nolensville/Ensworth/Lipscomb 23 Justin Nozko So F
Centennial 27 Aiden Gardner So F
Nolensville/Ensworth/Lipscomb 4 Trex Hooper So F
Tn Outlaws 37 Clive Keeler So F
Centennial 19 Brendan Mitchell Jr F
Ravenwood 16 Jack Ready Sr F
Tn Outlaws 12 Jacob Schenk Sr F
Nolensville/Ensworth/Lipscomb 48 Ben Sonkin Sr F
Father Ryan 74 Collin Sullivan Jr F
USN/BA/NCS 38 Barrett Teasdale Jr F
Father Ryan 6 Zach Fonnesbeck Fr G
Independence/Ravenwood2 1 Trent Pavlich Jr G
Nolensville/Ensworth/Lipscomb 21 Bingston Soundara So G


All Star Players unable to attend :

Mt Juliet/Wilson Central/Green Hill 20 Jordan Antar So F
Hendersonville/Beech/Gallatin 9 Carter Morrison Jr D
Franklin 5 Hudson Lohse So D
Ravenwood 17 Liam Powell Jr D
Ravenwood 8 Cooper Hill Jr F



Monday, February 5, 2024 Request Nominations
Thursday, February 15, 2024 Nominations Due
Tuesday, February 20, 2024 Nominations approved by Commissioner
Wednesday, February 21, 2024       Ballots to Coaches
Tuesday, February 27, 2024 Ballots Due
Wednesday, February 28, 2024 Teams Announced
Friday, March 1, 2024 Players confirmed
Wednesday, March 6, 2024 All-Star Game, Bellevue Rink, time 7pm


NLT 10/31 the Board shall set the date of the All-Star Game
30 days prior to date of All-Star Game the coaches shall be requested to nominate players. (See “Nominations” for details)
10 days after nominations are requested the coach’s nominations must be turned in
 5 days after nominations close the commissioner will review and raise any questions with the Executive committee
14 days prior to the All-Star Game voting ballots are sent to head coaches. (see “Voting Process” for details)
 8 days prior to the All-Star Game voting ballots are due

Each GNASH Head Coach nominates from his team 3 forwards, 2 defensemen & 1 goalie. There are no rules preventing the nomination of an underclassman to the team – the coach’s are free to nominate the best players from their team. 

Voting Process:
Each All-Star team will have at least 21 players.  (6 defenseman, 12 forwards, & 3 goalies)

Head Coaches only vote using a 6 point scale for defenseman, a 9 point scale for forwards, and a 3 point scale for goalies. In other words they give the best defenseman 6 points, the next one 5 points, then 4, then 3, then 2, then 1.

Coaches are ONLY allowed to vote for players that are NOT on their team.

Every team will be represented by at least one player – any adjustments necessary are made by the Commissioner.

There will be at least an additional One (1) player chosen as a "Commissioner's Choice"

The top vote getters make the all-star team – the process is overseen by the President, Vice President and Commissioner.

No player with an un-served suspension may play in the All-Star Game. If a suspended player is voted for a slot on the All-Star team the suspended player will be replaced by the next eligible player.  The All-Star game does not qualify as a suspension game served.